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When you breathe in, your lungs fill up with air. This air gives your body Oxygen. Your body uses the Oxygen to help you do all kinds of fun things! Your body uses Oxygen!

When your body uses oxygen, it creates waste. The waste is called Carbon Dioxide. Your lungs push Carbon Dioxide out when breathe out.

Quick check!

  • What chemical goes in your body when you breathe in?
  • What chemical goes out of your body when you breathe out?

This excellent video by shows these facts! explains how your lungs create Oxygen-rich blood and removes Carbon Dioxide.

In your lung kit, you will see how your body moves air in and out. You can play this video a few times while you work. Remember that you breathe in Oxygen. Then, your blood carries that Oxygen everywhere your body needs it. Then, blood carries Carbon Dioxide away. So, you can breathe out Carbon Dioxide.

Working lung model
Our hands-on lung activity!

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