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Board Game for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

This project is to create a game using the places (and magic) that you just read about. Games take a long time to create, so you will:

  • Create a game
  • Test it out
  • Make changes
  • Explain what your game captures from the book

To make sure you are on target, follow these steps to have a fun project:

  1. When you first create your game, have 5 places described in this book
  2. Create rules that use 3 quotes from Harry Potter.
  3. After you test it out, create a new rule sheet that describes how to play. Make sure it has good grammar!
  4. Write a paragraph that explains 3 parts of the book that your game shows. 

If you would like to, take a picture of your finished project and upload it here.

Upload your picture here.

Click here to look at the rubrics to help guide your game