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School Word Problems

You will be answering these 3 questions. Look over them quickly, then click “Start Here” to begin answering questions.

Be sure to have a piece of scrap paper!

Questions in this set:

Question #5 There are 56 birdhouses at school. Today, 4 classes made more birdhouses. Each class made 8 birdhouses.

How many total birdhouses are there now?

Question #8 Mr. Dent had 32 markers in his classroom. He buys new boxes of markers that have 9 markers in each box. Now, he has 86 markers.

How many new boxes did he buy?

Question #11 Jayson had 274 postcards in his collection. He wanted to give Sam some of his postcards. Jayson gave Sam 8 postcards from each of his collections below:

  • Arts
  • Sports
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Beaches
  • Sunsets

How many postcards does Jayson have left?

Time to start!