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Act 1

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1) What is this act mainly about?

2) Which political figure does Marullus say the public once cheered?

3) What does the soothsayer warn Caesar to beware?

4) What does Cassius compare himself to when speaking to Brutus?

5) What did Cassius rescue Caesar from?

6) According to Cassius, whose rule would Brutus's ancestor (Lucius Junius Brutus) tolerate as much as a king's?

7) According to Caesar, what kind of look does Cassius have?

8) What did Caesar do after refusing the crown three times?

9) Who decides to throw anonymous letters of praise into Brutus's home?

10) What is strange about the storm at the beginning of Scene 3?

11) What do the senators plan to do to Caesar the next day?

12) Which conspirators is not waiting at Pompey's theater?

13) What does Brutus mean in this quote?

"If it be aught toward the general good,
Set honour in one eye and death i' the other,
And I will look on both indifferently,
For let the gods so speed me as I love
The name of honour more than I fear death."Act , Scene , Line

14) What does Cassius mean in this quote?

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings."Act , Scene , Line

15) What does Cassius mean in this quote?

"This rudeness is a sauce to his good wit,
Which gives men stomach to digest his words
With better appetite."Act , Scene , Line

16) What does Cicero mean in this quote?

"Indeed, it is a strange–disposed time:
But men may construe things after their fashion,
Clean from the purpose of the things themselves."Act , Scene , Line

17) What does Casca mean in this quote?

"O, he sits high in all the people's hearts:
And that which would appear offence in us,
His countenance, like richest alchemy,
Will change to virtue and to worthiness."Act , Scene , Line

18) Look where Brutus says "Let me not hinder, Cassius, your desires."

What does "hinder" mean in this context?

19) Look where Cassius asks Brutus, "When could they say till now, that talk'd of Rome, / That her wide walls encompass'd but one man?" What does "encompassed" mean in this context?

20) Look where Cassius says he has asked several others "To undergo with me an enterprise / Of honourable–dangerous consequence."

What does "enterprise" mean in this context?

21) Were there any words that weren't clear to you?