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Act 4

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1) What is this act mainly about?

2) What does Mark Antony send Lepidus to retrieve?

3) Who does Cassius send to meet Brutus?

4) Who does Brutus ask to judge him if he's done Cassius any wrong?

5) What crime does Brutus accuse Cassius of?

6) When comparing himself with Brutus, what kind of soldier does Cassius characterize himself as?

7) What kind of stone does Brutus compare Cassius to?

8) What happened to Portia after Brutus fled Rome?

9) What does Cassius believe is the advantage of standing his ground rather than pursuing the Triumvirate's army?

10) Which aquatic occurrence does Brutus compare human events to?

11) What does Brutus find in the pocket of his nightgown?

12) Where does Caesar's ghost say Brutus will meet him?

13) What does Mark Antony mean in this quote?

""It is a creature that I teach to fight,
To wind, to stop, to run directly on,
His corporal motion govern'd by my spirit."Act , Scene , Line

14) What does Brutus mean in this quote?

"When love begins to sicken and decay,
It useth an enforced ceremony."Act , Scene , Line

15) What does Brutus mean in this quote?

"By the gods
You shall digest the venom of your spleen,
Though it do split you; for, from this day forth,
I'll use you for my mirth, yea, for my laughter,
When you are waspish."Act , Scene , Line

16) What does Cassius mean in this quote?

""Of your philosophy you make no use,
If you give place to accidental evils."Act , Scene , Line

17) What does Brutus mean in this quote?

""The deep of night is crept upon our talk,
And nature must obey necessity;
Which we will niggard with a little rest."Act , Scene , Line

18) Look where Mark Antony calls Lepidus "a slight unmeritable man."

What does "slight" mean in this context?

19) Look where Brutus tells Cassius that both their armies "should perceive nothing but love from us."

What does "perceive" mean in this context?

20) Look where Brutus tells Cassius to "Be angry when you will, it shall have scope."

What does "scope" mean in this context?

21) Were there any words that weren't clear to you?