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Act 5

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1) What is this act mainly about?

2) What reason does Mark Antony give for Brutus and Cassius's advance?

3) What kind of insects do Cassius, Brutus, and Mark Antony all compare each other to?

4) What kind of suicide does Brutus say he finds "cowardly and vile"?

5) Who carries Brutus's message in Scene 2?

6) What did Cassius do to Pindarus after saving his life?

7) What news does Messala intend to bring Cassius?

8) Where does Brutus send Cassius's body?

9) Which conspirator does Lucilius impersonate?

10) What does Mark Antony order regarding Lucilius?

11) Who does Brutus tell about his visions of Caesar's ghost?

12) What does Strato do on Brutus's command?

13) What does Cassius mean in this quote?

"You know that I held Epicurus strong
And his opinion: now I change my mind,
And partly credit things that do presage."Act , Scene , Line

14) What does Brutus mean in this quote?

"O, that a man might know
The end of this day's business ere it come!
But it sufficeth that the day will end,
And then the end is known."Act , Scene , Line

15) What does Brutus mean in this quote?

"Let them set on at once; for I perceive
But cold demeanor in Octavius' wing,
And sudden push gives them the overthrow."Act , Scene , Line

16) What does Brutus mean in this quote?

"O Julius Caesar, thou art mighty yet!
Thy spirit walks abroad and turns our swords
In our own proper entrails."Act , Scene , Line

17) What does Mark Antony mean in this quote?

"All the conspirators save only he
Did that they did in envy of great Caesar;
He only, in a general honest thought
And common good to all, made one of them."Act , Scene , Line

18) Look where Mark Antony objects to the conspirators' lack of warning when their "vile daggers / Hack'd one another in the sides of Caesar."

What does "hacked" mean in this context?

19) Look where Messala mourns mistakes and doubt: "O error, soon conceived, / Thou never comest unto a happy birth."

What does "conceived" mean in this context?

20) Look where Octavius declares of Brutus, "According to his virtue let us use him, / With all respect and rites of burial."

What does "according" mean in this context?

21) Were there any words that weren't clear to you?