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Act 5

Text of Book

1) What is this act mainly about?

2) Who is NOT mentioned by the painter and poet as a recipient of Timon's new fortune?

3) What does Timon suggest the poet should NOT conceal?

4) What do the senators promise to do for the people of Athens?

5) Which animal do the senators compare Alcibiades to?

6) How does Timon suggest the Athenians escape Alcibiades's assault?

7) Why does the soldier take the epitaph to his captain?

8) Why do the senators compare crimes with lands?

9) How does Timon's second epitaph contradict his first?

10) What does the painter mean in the quote below?

"Promising is the very air o & #39; the time: it opens the eyes of expectation:
performance is ever the duller for his act."

11) What does Timon mean in the quote below?

"[M]y long sickness
Of health and living now begins to mend,
And nothing brings me all things."

12) What does Alcibiades mean in the quote below?

"Till now you have gone on and fill'd the time
With all licentious measure, making your wills
The scope of justice."

13) Look where the poet remarks, "Then do we sin against our own estate, / When we may profit meet, and come too late."

What does "estate" mean in this context?

14) Look where the messenger recounts meeting another courier, how "our old love made a particular force, / And made us speak like friends."

What does "particular" mean in this context?

15) Look where the soldier describes the wax "whose soft impression interprets for my poor ignorance."

What does "impression" mean in this context?

16) Were there any words that weren't clear to you?