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1) How does the description of Ichabod Crane on this page differ from the last one?

2) What other job did Ichabod Crane have?

3) What professional is thought to be smarter than school teacher?

4) What book by Cotton Mather did Ichabod Crane know well?

5) What would Ichabod Crane do by the brook?

6) When would Ichabod Crane leave the brook?

7) How would Ichabod Crane feel on the ride from school?

8) What emotion do readers feel reading about the "boding cry of the tree toad" and "dreary hooting of the whip–poor–will"?

9) What word describes the fields, brooks, bridges and houses in the wives' stories?

10) What was the name of the female character?

11) Who was Baltus Van Tassel?

12) Which word best describes Mr. Van Tassel?

13) In the sentence below, what does "situated" mean?

"His stronghold was situated on the banks of the Hudson, in one of those green, sheltered, fertile nooks in which the Dutch farmers are so fond of nestling."

14) How did Ichabod Crane feel about Katrina Van Tassel?

15) What did Ichabod Crane imagine when he saw the animals on the farm?

16) If Ichabod Crane owned the Van Tassel farm, what do you think he would do?

17) What was the nickname of the man also interested in Katrina?

18) What was the full name of the "burly" character (not the Dutch abbreviation!)?

19) In the same quote below, what is another word for "numerous"?

"Ichabod, on the contrary, had to win his way to the heart of a country coquette, beset with a labyrinth of whims and caprices, which were forever presenting new difficulties and impediments; and he had to encounter a host of fearful adversaries of real flesh and blood, the numerous rustic admirers, who beset every portal to her heart, keeping a watchful and angry eye upon each other, but ready to fly out in the common cause against any new competitor."

20) How would you compare Brom and Ichabod?

21) How many friends does Brom Bones have?

22) Which word best describes the actions of Brom Bones?

23) Were there any events that weren't clear to you?

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Question #2

In the quote, "His notable little wife, too, had enough to do to attend to her housekeeping and manage her poultry; for, as she sagely observed, ducks and geese are foolish things, and must be looked after, but girls can take care of themselves" the word "sagely" means wise.

What does "observed" mean in this context?