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1) How was Major Andre killed?

2) What happened when Ichabod whistled in the woods?

3) How did Ichabod feel when he heard the groan?

4) What caused the groan Ichabod heard?

5) What does Ichabod see against the night sky that terrifies him?

6) After Ichabod sees something on the road, what best describes his mood?

7) How did Ichabod try to travel over the bridge?

8) What did Ichabod say to the mysterious object in the woods?

9) What does Ichabod see when the object stands on the middle of the road?

10) What happens to Gunpowder's saddle?

11) Where does Ichabod think he will be safe?

12) What happens when Ichabod and Gunpowder get to the bridge?

13) What does the horseman throw at Ichabod?

14) What do the townspeople find the next day?

15) What do you think is the pumpkin found beside Ichabod's hat?

16) What do you think happened to Ichabod Crane?

17) What makes Brom Bones laugh when he hears the story?

18) What happened to Ichabod's money?

19) What does an old farmer hear about Ichabod?

20) What happens to the haunted bridge?

21) Who is Mr. Knickerbocker?

22) What is the moral of this story according to this dialogue?

23) How much of the story does Mr. Knickerbocker disbelieve?

24) Were there any events that weren't clear to you?