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Chapter 2

How do the Baudelaire children react to the news of Count Olaf?

Albert Poe says "Violet and Klaus are always moping around and are never fun."

What does the word "moping" mean?

Who is Justice Strauss?

Find in your book where the children looked from the well–scrubbed house of Justice Strauss to the dilapidated one next door.

What does "dilapidated" mean in this context?

What is Count Olaf's true reason for adopting the Baudelaire children?

What did Count Olaf have tattooed on his ankle?

Due to their house being destroyed, the Baudelaire children had to "recuperate" form their terrible loss at Mr. Poe's house.

What does "recuperate" mean in this context?

Were there any words that weren't clear to you?