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Chapter 5

What is the main idea of this chapter?

Find in the book where Mr. Poe asks the children if they are familiar with the Latin term 'in loco parentis'.

What does this Latin term mean?

Which bank does Mr. Poe work for?

What keeps distracting Mr. Poe while the Baudelaire's are trying to talk with him?

Lemony Snicket states at the end of chapter five that the Baudelaire children figuratively escape from Count Olaf and their miserable existence. How do they do this?

Find in the book where the Baudelaire children are "invigorated" by their plan.

What does "invigorated" mean in this context?

Mr. Poe ushers the children out of his office "posthaste."

What does "posthaste" mean?

How does Violet feel after talking with Mr. Poe?

Find where Klaus and Violet discuss their misfortunes. Violet says, "we have to do something about our predicament."

What does "predicament" mean in this context?

Lemony Snicket observes "…but when Violet looked at him she saw that he knew it was of no use. Adoption is an enormous decision, and not likely to happen impulsively."

What does "impulsively" mean in this context?

Were there any words that weren't clear to you?