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Chapter 10

At the beginning of chapter 10, Klaus was too tired and "despondent" to speak.

What does "despondent" mean in this context?

Violet gathered up the curtains to take to comfort Sunny. Violet was turned away at the door. Besides comforting Sunny, what else did Violet want to do in the room?

Violet spent the night inventing a device to rescue Sunny. Which three items listed below did they use to build the device?

Violet has many skills and knows many things.

What does she have a vast knowledge of different types of what?

Violet had made a grappling hook, which is something used for climbing up the sides of buildings, usually for a "nefarious purpose."

What does "nefarious" mean in this context?

Read the section of chapter 10 where Violet used her grappling hook to try to rescue Sunny. Lemony Snicket narrates that thanks to Violet's "adroit" inventing skills everything worked the way it was supposed to work.

What does "adroit" mean in this context?

Violet threw the grappling hook again and again.

What did Violet's grappling hook finally catch on?

"Even though Count Olaf was of course the cause of all this misery, Violet felt as if she had broken her promise to her parents, and vowed to make it right."

What does "misery" mean in this context?

Were there any words that weren't clear to you?