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1. In the Drain

What is this chapter mainly about?

What is so unusual about Stuart?

Stuart can do something human babies can't do when they are born.

What special thing can Stuart do?

Where does the Little family live?

Which sentence best describes Stuart?

When E. B. White describes how helpful Stuart is, he writes, "One day when Mrs. Little was washing out the bathtub after Mr. Little had taken a bath, she lost a ring off her finger and was horrified to discover that it had fallen down the drain."

Which word means the same as "horrified" in this sentence?

Who is George?

How do we know that Stuart is adventurous?

In this chapter, Stuart visits a doctor. Find the sentence where the doctor "also examined Stuart's chest and heart and looked into his ears solemnly with a flashlight."

What does "solemnly" mean in this sentence?

Before Stuart goes down the drain, George is annoyed. What makes George annoyed?

As a mouse, Stuart has some advantages over human beings.

Which mouse–like characteristic helps Stuart help his family?

Which statement is true about Mr. and Mrs. Little?

Were there any events that weren't clear to you?