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2. Home Problems

What is the theme of this chapter?

What does Stuart feel when he is inside the piano?

Mr. Little doesn't want Stuart to know about the song, "Three Blind Mice".

Why does he want to keep the song a secret?

Find the section that describes the stuck piano key. E. B. White says the stuck piano key "was a great inconvenience" Which word means the same as "inconvenience" in this context?

In the first chapter, we learn that a mouse–like feature helps Stuart help his family. But in this chapter, we see that this same characteristic also worries Mr. Little.

Which characteristic is it?

Find the section that first describes "'Twas the Night Before Christmas". Then find this sentence, "I think it might embarrass Stuart to hear mice mentioned in such a belittling manner."

Which word means the same as "mentioned" in this sentence?

Mr. Little wants to make sure a certain word is never spoken in the Little home.

Which word is that?

Which word do the Littles substitute for "mouse" in the poem, "'Twas the Night Before Christmas"?

Something that is in the Little's home worries Mr. Little. What is that?

What does "venture" mean in this context?

In this chapter, we learn that Stuart has two talents.

Which two talents does he have?

Were there any events that weren't clear to you?