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3. Washing Up

What is this chapter mainly about?

Which statement is true?

Please read the entire section that describes Stuart using the washbasin, which is an old–fashioned word.

Which word could be another description for "washbasin"?

Which four things does Stuart like in the morning?

Many things easy for humans are difficult for Stuart.

Which tool helps Stuart make things easier for himself?

Find the chapter's last paragraph. In this sentence, "So every morning, after climbing to the basin, he would seize his hammer and pound the faucet…."

What does "seize" mean in this sentence?

George always says he is going to solve a problem for Stuart. Does he follow through?

In this chapter, George begins to build a brace (something Stuart can lean against to reach the faucet). What happens?

What makes a "plink plink plink" sound in this chapter?

What does the phrase "plink plink plink" say about Stuart?

How does Stuart solve the problem of turning on the faucet?

We continue to learn about Stuart's personality.

What did we learn about Stuart this chapter?

Were there any events that weren't clear to you?