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7. The Sailboat Race

In Chapter IV, Stuart wants to prove to Snowbell how strong his stomach muscles are.

What does Stuart want to do in this chapter?

Why does the sailboat race attract such a large crowd?

In the very beginning of this chapter, LeRoy tries to make a deal with Stuart.

What does he want Stuart to do?

There is an accident soon after the race begins. What happens?

This accident causes another problem. What happens next?

Find the section where Stuart looks into the storm. Then find this sentence, "The world seemed cold and ominous."

Which word means the same as "ominous" in this sentence?

The Wasp's owner warns Stuart about "flotsam". Flotsam means "floating debris."

What particular debris does the owner warn Stuart about?

The flotsam causes big trouble in the pond.

Which problem does the flotsam cause?

Find the sentence where Stuart hears a "splintering crash." Stuart "felt the whole ship tremble from stem to stern with the force of the collision."

Which word means the same as "tremble" in this sentence?

Which idea helps Stuart untangle his boat and win the race?

At the end of the chapter, the Wasp's owner, Dr. Paul Carey, makes a promise to Stuart. What does he promise?

Were there any events that weren't clear to you?