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9. A Narrow Escape

This chapter is mainly about another one of Stuart's adventures.

Which adventure is described in this chapter?

Why does Stuart jump into the garbage can?

Find the section where the garbage men pick up Stuart's garbage can. Then find this sentence, "Stuart felt himself being hoisted high in the air."

What does "hoisted" mean in this sentence?

What happens to Stuart when the garbage is dumped onto the scow?

Stuart declares to himself, "…this is about the worst thing that could happen to anybody."

What does he think will happen to him?

When does Stuart begin to cry?

How does Stuart feel when he sees Margalo?

How does Margalo save Stuart (despite being a little bird)?

Find the section where Margalo and Stuart begin to fly home. After Margalo tells Stuart that he smells, the author writes "'I know I do,' he replied, gloomily."

Which word means the same as "gloomily" in this sentence?

Mr. Little is curious about something Margalo and Stuart experience on this adventure.

What do Margalo and Stuart describe to Mr. Little?

What does Mrs. Little give to Margalo as a reward for saving Stuart?

Were there any events that weren't clear to you?