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10. Springtime

What is the theme of this chapter?

Which new character do we meet in this chapter?

What is the main reason Snowbell likes going out at night?

What does the cat mean when she says, "… all I can say is, you've got more self–control than I have"?

Snowbell gives the Angora cat two explanations why he doesn't eat up Stuart and Margalo.

What are his two reasons for not eating Stuart and Margalo?

The Angora cat feels that it is perfectly fine for her to eat Margalo. Why is that?

Find the section where Snowbell is trying to convince the Angora cat to wait until the next evening to catch Margalo. At one point, Snowball says "you won't be taking such a risk."

What does "risk" mean in this section?

A few paragraphs later, the Angora cat says, "I'm obliged to you, sir."

What does she mean that she is "obliged" to Snowbell?

Margalo receives a note in the morning. What does the note say?

Who is the "WELL WISHER" that signs the note?

Why does Margalo fly away?

Why does Margalo fly north?

Were there any events that weren't clear to you?