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11. The Automobile

What is this chapter mainly about?

Stuart makes a decision to do two things in this chapter.

What two things does he decide to do?

What does Stuart take to remember his mother?

Who does Stuart visit for advice?

What is the important advice Stuart needs?

Dr. Carey introduces Stuart to his patient, Edward Clydesdale.

What does Mr. Clydesdale think about a talking mouse?

Find the section in the beginning of the chapter where the Littles are questioning Snowbell about Margalo's disappearance. Snowball says "'I don't see why you have to make a pariah out of me just because that disagreeable little chippy flew the coop….'"

What does "pariah" mean in this sentence?

Find the sentence where Dr. Carey shows Stuart the automobile. Dr. Carey says, "I enjoy building model cars and boats and other things when I am not extracting teeth."

What does "extracting" mean in this sentence?

Stuart causes a big problem with the car. What does he do?

Dr. Carey's car has two special features.

Which two features does the car have?

What happens to the automobile?

At the end of the chapter, we know two things.

Which two sentences summarize what is happening at the end of chapter 12?

Were there any events that weren't clear to you?