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12. The Schoolroom

What is this chapter mainly about?

Stuart finds a man sitting by the side of a road.

What is the man's problem?

What does Stuart offer to do to solve the man's problem?

The man asks Stuart, "Do you think you can maintain discipline?"

What does the man want to know by asking this question?

How do the students react to Stuart?

Find the section where Stuart is talking about spelling. Then find this sentence, " 'Well,'" "said Stuart," " 'a misspelled word is an abomination in the sight of everyone.'" What does "abomination" mean in this sentence?

Stuart asks the students, "How many of you know what's important?" In a way, he is teaching them something.

What is he teaching them about?

Which two things do the students say are important?

Find the section where Harry Jamieson takes the pillow from Katharine. Then find this sentence, "Now then," said Stuart in a fierce voice, "hold on, my good people, while your Chairman consults the book of rules!"

What does "fierce" mean in this sentence?

How do we know the students love having Stuart as their teacher?

Harry Jamieson breaks two laws.

Which two laws does he break?

What does Stuart compare summertime to?

Were there any events that weren't clear to you?