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13. Ames' Crossing

What is this chapter mainly about?

The storekeeper thinks Stuart should meet Harriet.

What do Stuart and Harriet have in common?

Where does Stuart first see Harriet?

Find the section where Stuart walks to the post office. E. B. White writes, "While he was filling his fountain pen from the public inkwell he happened to glance toward the door and what he saw startled him so that he almost lost his balance and fell into the ink."

Which word means the same as "startled" in this sentence?

What happens when Stuart sees Harriet?

In his letter to Harriet, Stuart describes a disadvantage that he has. What is that disadvantage?

Find the section where Stuart begins writing again. Stuart writes, "Let me be perfectly blunt: my purpose in writing this brief note is to suggest that we meet."

What does "blunt" mean in this sentence?

What does Stuart think Harriet's parents might not like?

What does Stuart ask Harriet to do?

Which statement is true?

What does Stuart like to boast about?

Were there any events that weren't clear to you?