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14. An Evening on the River

What is this chapter mainly about?

What could be another title for this chapter?

In the very beginning of the chapter, Stuart says, "I've been swindled."

What does "swindled" mean in this sentence?

How does Stuart plug up the leaky canoe?

Which word best describes Stuart when he was getting the boat ready for Harriet?

Find the section where Stuart imagines being in the canoe with Harriet. E. B. White writes, "With his eyes shut he seemed to see the whole occasion plainly — how she would look when she came down he path to the water, how calm and peaceful the river was going to be in the twilight, how graceful the canoe would seem, drawn up on the shore."

What does "plainly" mean in this sentence?

Why is Stuart nervous to take Harriet canoeing?

At first, Stuart is concerned that it might rain. Does Harriet share Stuart's worry?

What does the canoe look like when they find it?

Why is Stuart so upset when he sees the canoe?

How does Stuart feel at the end of the chapter?

Were there any events that weren't clear to you?