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15. Heading North

What is the theme of this chapter?

What time of day does this chapter take place?

Stuart has an encounter with a man selling gas.

Which two quotes from the book show Stuart's willingness to compromise?

What does Stuart find in the ditch?

What makes Stuart think that this will "be a fine day"?

Stuart gives the repairman this description: "She comes from fields once tall with wheat, from pastures deep in fern and thistle; she comes from vales of meadowsweet, and she loves to whistle."

Who is Stuart describing?

Which direction does the repairman think is different from all the rest?

Find the section where Stuart pays for the gas in his car. "Stuart's car purred along smoothly."

What does "purred" mean in this sentence?

Find the same section again where Stuart gets into his car after paying for the gas. the author writes, "Half a mile out of town the road forked."

Which word means the same as "forked" in this sentence?

Stuart enjoys talking with the repairman. How do we know this?

At the end of the chapter, Stuart feels hopeful. How do we know this?

The author, E. B. White, has writes, "But real life is only one kind of life — there is also the life of the imagination."

What do you think he means?

Throughout the book, E. B. White has given us many beautiful descriptions. These descriptions show that he is a keen observer of something.

What does he observe so well?

There is no correct answer, but what adventure of Stuart's did you like the most?

Were there any words or events that still aren't clear to you?