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Chapter 14: The Beginning of the End of the World

What is this chapter mainly about?

An "attractive" smell came from the next island they encountered.

What does the word "attractive" mean in this context?

Who chose to remain on the ship when they arrived at the next island?

What was strange about the three men sitting at the large table?

How does Caspian confirm that the three men are the remaining lords they are searching for?

What does Reepicheep assume about the food on the table?

Most of the crew went back to the ship when "dusk"began.

What does the word "dusk"mean?

What actually caused the three lords to fall into an enchanted sleep?

The third lord was going to fight with his "comrades"before they fell asleep.

What does the word "comrades"mean in this context?

What is the Knife of Stone?

What do you think will happen next?