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Chapter 2: On Board the Dawn Treader

What is this chapter mainly about?

How many years had passed in Narnia since Edmund and Lucy's last visit?

Who did Caspian leave in charge of Narnia while he was on his voyage?

Caspian received Aslan's "approval" to sail east.

What does the word "approval" mean in this context?

Why is Caspian sailing east with his crew?

What does Reepicheep hope to find in the unknown Eastern Seas?

What does Lucy do for Eustace with her cordial?

Caspian mentions that the captain has "labors" on most nights.

What does the word "labors" mean in this context?

Eustace kept "boasting" about the ships in England as Caspian was giving them a tour of his ship.

What is another word for "boasting" in this context?

Who challenged Eustace to a duel

What do you think will happen next?