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Chapter 3: The Lone Islands

What is this chapter mainly about?

Which of the Lone Islands do they land on first?

Why does Edmund say that it would not do them much good to land on the first island?

Select all the characters that went ashore on Felimath with Caspian.

Reepicheep "consented" to ride on Lucy's shoulder while they walked through the island.

What does the word "consented" mean in this context?

What happened when Caspian and the group agreed to have a drink with the rough men?

Reepicheep was so angry that all of the words he wanted to say nearly "suffocated" him.

What does the word "suffocated" mean in this context?

Who ends up buying Caspian from the slave merchant?

What must Caspian do in order to save the others?

Bern had a happy and "prosperous" estate.

What does the word "prosperous" mean?

What do you think will happen next?