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Chapter 4: What Caspian did there

What is this chapter mainly about?

Lord Bern tells Caspian's men that their armor needs to be"scoured" as if it was the beginning of a noble war.

What is another word for"scoured" in this context?

What did Caspian see when they arrived at Narrowhaven?

The governor's guards were "lounging" in the courtyard.

What does the word "lounging" mean in this context?

What did Bern and Drinian do when Gumpas told them to go away?

What will Gumpas be forced to do if the tribute is not delivered to Narnia?

Who becomes the Duke of the Lone Islands when Gumpas is fired?

What does Caspian do about the slave trading on the islands?

Gumpas must leave because the Duke's "residence" will now be in the Governor's castle.

What does the word "residence" mean?

What did Caspian and his crew need to do before they could sail east to the unknown seas?

What do you think will happen next?