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Chapter 5: The Storm and What came of it

What is this chapter mainly about?

The Dawn Treader was "towed"out of Narrowhaven harbor.

What does the word "towed"mean in this context?

What would Lucy and Reepicheep usually do during the pleasant days?

Lucy went to her cabin to momentarily shut out the "appalling"sight that the storm had caused.

What does the word "appalling"mean in this context?

How many days did the storm last?

Who tried to steal extra water in the middle of the night?

Why did Caspian prefer to wait until morning to go ashore on the mountainous island?

Why did Eustace decide to go off on his own while no one was watching?

Eustace wanted people to think he was "merely" stretching his legs.

What does the word "merely" mean?

Where did Eustace end up after coming back down the mountain?

What do you think will happen next?