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Chapter 6: The Adventures of Eustace

What is this chapter mainly about?

Who noticed that Eustace was missing during dinner?

What creature did Eustace see in the unknown valley?

What did the dragon do while Eustace watched in the valley?

Eustace thought the dragon"lured" travelers to their doom by pretending to be dead.

What does the word"lured" mean in this context?

What did he find all over the floor of the dragon's cave?

What caused Eustace to become a dragon?

Caspian and his crew were "weary" after searching for Eustace.

What does the word "weary" mean?

The dragon version of Eustace "retreated" when it saw the crew marching towards him.

What does the word "retreated" mean in this context?

How does Reepicheep confirm that the dragon version of Eustace is a friend?

What do you think will happen next?