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Chapter 7: How the Adventure Ended

What is this chapter mainly about?

Who did the gold arm–ring belong to?

Reepicheep asked the dragon if he had "devoured" a Narnian lord.

What does the word "devoured" mean in this context?

Lewis wrote that people "disputed" whether it was Lucy or Edmund who discovered that the dragon was actually Eustace.

What does the word "disputed" mean?

Why was the dragon version of Eustace not able to write in the sand?

How did Eustace help the crew in his dragon form?

What kept the dragon version of Eustace from despair?

Who was Eustace's most constant comforter while he was a dragon?

Edmund went to "investigate" when he saw a figure by the woods in the early morning.

What does the word "investigate" mean?

Who restored Eustace back to his human form?

What do you think will happen next?