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Chapter 8: Two Narrow Escapes

What is this chapter mainly about?

Where did the crew land after they left Dragon Island?

The Dawn Treader was "pursued" by something in the ocean.

What does the word "pursued" mean in this context?

Which creature tried to crush the Dawn Treader in the middle of the ocean?

How did the crew escape the monster?

What did they see at the bottom of the lake on the next island they landed on?

What did Edmund discover about the water from the second river on the island?

Caspian "cautiously" knelt by the water to dip heather into.

What does the word "cautiously" mean?

Caspian claims the island as a Narnian "possession" because he wants the magic lake to himself.

What does the word "possession" mean?

What caused Caspian and Edmund to stop fighting?

What do you think will happen next?