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Chapter 9: The Island of the Voices

What is this chapter mainly about?

The Dawn Treader sailed with a "steady" breeze for quite a while.

What does the word "steady" mean in this context?

What did Lucy hear when she fell behind to fix her shoe?

Lucy ran quickly to tell Caspian and the others about the "invisible" creatures.

What does the word "invisible" mean?

The crew tried to be less "conspicuous" by going back to the trees.

What does the word "conspicuous" mean?

Why did the invisible creatures stop Caspian's crew from getting to the boat?

What must Lucy do in order to prevent a battle?

What happens to their weapons when the invisible people throw or drop them?

Who agrees with Lucy that she needs to do what the invisible people ask of her?

What did the invisible people do when Lucy accepted the request?

What do you think will happen next?