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Chapter 11: The Dufflepuds Made Happy

What is this chapter mainly about?

Who did Aslan and Lucy see as they walked into the passage?

Where will Aslan go after he leaves the magician's house?

What did the magician offer to Lucy after Aslan left?

The magician tells Lucy that she asked a "delicate" question.

What does the word "delicate" mean in this context?

Why did the magician put a spell on the Duffers to make them ugly?

What had the magician turned the Duffers into before they became invisible?

Reepicheep calls the Monopods "intelligent" when he convinces them to use their feet to float on the water.

What does the word "intelligent" mean?

The Narnians used a "magnifying" glass to look closely at the magic map.

What does the word "magnify" mean?

Which lord was the golden man lying in Deathwater?

What do you think will happen next?