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Chapter 12: The Dark Island

What is this chapter mainly about?

The captain "altered" course to sail toward the dark mountain they all saw. What does the word "altered" mean

Who was the only member of the crew who wanted to enter the Darkness?

How did most of the crew begin to feel as they spent more time in the Darkness?

What broke the silence as they sailed through the Darkness?

The stranger that was pulled on board the ship stared as if in "agony" of pure fear.

What does the word "agony" mean in this context?

What did the stranger call the Darkness?

Why did everyone scramble to leave the Darkness after the stranger explained what happened on the dark island?

How did the crew escape the Darkness?

The brightness of the ship "astonished"the crew after leaving the Darkness.

What does the word "astonish"mean in this context?

What do you think will happen next?