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Chapter 15: The Wonders of the Last Sea

What is this chapter mainly about?

There were three things different about sailing to the World's End. Select the three things below that were true about their experiences as they sailed to the World's End.

Lucy realized that the silvery "expanse"she had been looking at was the sand on the sea–bed.

What does the word "expanse"mean in this context?

Why would Sea People build a castle at the top of a tall mountain under the sea?

The "reckless" hunters go into the depths for adventure.

What does the word "reckless" mean?

What does Lucy see the Sea People doing before they notice her?

Lucy was certain that the big Sea Man had "released" the hunting fish from his wrist.

What does the word "released" mean?

Why does Drinian not want anyone on the ship looking at the Sea People?

Which crew member jumps overboard?

1What did Reepicheep discover about the sea water?

What do you think will happen next?