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Chapter 16: The Very End of the World

What is this chapter mainly about?

Why did Reepicheep jump overboard into the sea?

Which of the Sea People did Lucy somehow become friends with?

What began to happen as the crew continued drinking the sweet water from the sea?

What did the crew discover as they turned the ship south?

What was the "whiteness" that the crew saw all along the horizon of the sea?

There was some "consultation" on the ship to determine if they should sail through the white lilies.

What does the word "consultation" mean in this context?

There was a "murmur" of dismay when Caspian announced that he was not returning to Narnia.

What does the word "murmur" mean?

What did Lucy, Edmund, and Eustace see beyond the End of the World?

It was the "fate" of the children to wade southward.

What does the word "fate" mean?

The book is over! Is there anything that is unclear still?