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Are you a Parselmouth? You are now!

Imagine you are a real-life Parselmouth. Imagine your conversation with a snake. Where would you talk? What would you ask? What would be the snake’s answer? Are they good conversationalist?

Use this paragraph adapted from Michigan’s DNR website to learn about snakes:

Snakes are reptiles, like lizards and alligators. They hatch from eggs mostly, and they are cold blooded. This means that they don’t make heat like you, they get most of their heat from the sun and air. Small snakes eat slugs and worms, while big snakes eat mice and frogs.

Snakes have weird parts! Snakes do not have eyelids, but they have a transparent scale over their eye. Their tongue is able to “smell”. And, they hear by feeling vibrations on their skull and jaw bones. Their skin does not grow like ours, so they shed a smaller layer after they grow a bigger layer of skin.

Facts from:,4570,7-350-79135_79218_79616_83196—,00.html

Use three details about snakes in your Parselmouth dialogue. (Write them at the end of your dialogue so people know what snake knowledge you used.) 

Let your imagination run wild!

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