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Please take this quiz first.

Then, use each of these five guided practice modules. Please use just one per day because they can be tiring!

  • Module 1:
  • Module 2:
  • Module 3:
  • Module 4:
  • Module 5:

Finally, please take this quiz.

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ASNE test

Serving as trusted advisors to the maritime industry


Hepburn and Sons specializes in

  • Technology Transition

  • Advisory Services


Details on Technology Transition


Bridge innovative research to National capability needs by:

  • SCANNING the technology landscape for innovative technologies
  • INTRODUCING our customers to innovative technologies and companies they may not otherwise encounter
  • LEADING the development of innovative technologies for commercial and Government applications
  • SHEPHERDING the transition of innovative technologies to commercial industry and Government customers


Value Proposition: Hepburn & Sons shepherds innovative technologies into Federal and commercial applications to lower risk and increase return on investment.

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Presidents 1789-1815

Create an outline that documents at least 3 facts from each president. Use a separate color to write down outside events that affected each presidency.

Extension: Write a three paragraph essay that makes an argument addressing this question:

Many people say the times makes the man. Do you think that is true for the first five presidents? Did the time make the president or did the president forge his own path?

Make an argument!!
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Derivatives of Absolute Values

Remember absolute values are really two functions. For example, if |x + 2| = 3, then we find both solutions by solving x + 2 = 3 and x + 2 = -3 (put x = 1 and x = -5 to the original equation to check yourself).

This is complicated, so it’s worthwhile to specifically consider linear functions. The derivative is the rate of change. For linear equation, the rate of change is the slope. So, if we need to take the derivative of y =|x + 2|, then we can see the slope is 1 when x greater than -2. The slope is -1 when x is less than -2.

The graph of y = |x+2| has two slopes. The blue line shows the graph of the derivative for each x-value (note that the function is not differentiable at x=-2).

Video Overview

This video shows how to find derivatives of linear and quadratic absolute functions.

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The Redskins are on the Clock

Click here to enter the second pick.

2020 Draft

  1. CIN: Joe Burrow (QB – LSU)
  2. WAS: On the clock

There are some resources and a chatbox below. And, you can make some real money ESPN’s 18-question pick challenge.

Draft Order (ESPN’s list):

111Cincinnati Bengals
122Washington Redskins
133Detroit Lions
144New York Giants
155Miami Dolphins
166Los Angeles Chargers
177Carolina Panthers
188Arizona Cardinals
199Jacksonville Jaguars
11010Cleveland Browns
11111New York Jets
11212Las Vegas Raiders
11313San Francisco 49ers from Colts
11414Tampa Bay Buccaneers
11515Denver Broncos
11616Atlanta Falcons
11717Dallas Cowboys
11818Miami Dolphins from Steelers
11919Las Vegas Raiders from Bears
12020Jacksonville Jaguars from Rams
12121Philadelphia Eagles
12222Minnesota Vikings from Bills
12323New England Patriots
12424New Orleans Saints
12525Minnesota Vikings
12626Miami Dolphins from Texans
12727Seattle Seahawks
12828Baltimore Ravens
12929Tennessee Titans
13030Green Bay Packers
13131San Francisco 49ers
13232Kansas City Chiefs

NBC Mock Draft from April 11

  • Cincinnati Bengals: Joe Burrow.
  • Washington: Chase Young.
  • Detroit Lions: Jeff Okudah.
  • New York Giants: Isaiah Simmons.
  • Miami Dolphins: Justin Herbert.
  • Los Angeles Chargers: Mekhi Becton.
  • Carolina Panthers: Derrick Brown.
  • Arizona Cardinals: Tristan Wirfs.

Shit talking encouraged below.

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Chapter 3. Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is the process that plants use to turn solar energy into chemical energy. The sun is a very important ingredient for plants, but it is not the only ingredient they need to create chemical energy. Plants use carbon dioxide, water, and solar energy to create oxygen and a chemical energy called sugar!! Always remember that plants produce energy that plants and animals can use. AND, plants produce oxygen. Two things we cannot live without!

Plants have a special chemical called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll captures solar energy from sunlight. This energy is then combined with the carbon dioxide and water. The atoms rearrange to create oxygen and sugar. Think about it! We don’t need carbon dioxide and the sunlight is nearly unlimited. As long as plants have water, they can give us sugar and oxygen!

Photosynthesis creates almost all the oxygen we breathe. Oxygen is VERY important for our survival, we need to breathe air in order to live, and you can thank plants for giving you oxygen. Photosynthesis not only gives plants the energy to live, it gives us the air we need to breathe. Plants make and use the sugars to survive and grow! We also use the sugar in plants for energy when we eat lettuce and leafy salads. And, when I say we need sugar, I don’t mean the artificial, refined sugars in junk food. In order to be healthy and have maximum energy, we need to eat more foods with natural sugar like fruits. Unfortunately, you need to listen when people say you need to eat your fruits and vegetables. They are the best way to get all the energy you need to have fun!

Photosynthesis allows Plants to Live and Grow

Plants convert the stored sugar from photosynthesis to grow tall and make seeds and bloom beautiful flowers. Plants use the sugars from photosynthesis to make new plant cells. These new plant cells make their stems taller, their leaves wider, and their roots deeper. Plants even create special tubes that move water up from the ground into the leaves so photosynthesis can take place.

Why do we breathe Oxygen?

The air around us is made out of many chemicals. 78% of air is made of nitrogen, and 21% of the air is oxygen. Chemicals such as carbon dioxide and argon are also present in teeny tiny amounts (1%). Us humans need and use oxygen to live. The lungs are an organ in our body that carry out the process of gas exchange. Oxygen enters our bloodstream and into our lungs when we take a breath in, and carbon dioxide leaves our bloodstream and into the atmosphere. So, now you know how glucose and oxygen is broken down in our body to eventually energize our cells.