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Best Soccer Play Ever

I have heard others claim they know the best soccer player ever, but I completely disagree. Their arguments had few facts or examples. I didn’t understand how they came to their conclusion. Altogether, I felt they were wrong.

The best soccer player ever is named Mike Briscoe. This claim is true for three reasons. First, he played high school soccer for the mighty Calverton Cougars. Second, Mike was a defender that also scored goals. Third, he was captain of his team because he was a leader. For these three reasons, Mike Briscoe was better at soccer than any other player you know.

The Calverton Cougars was a strong co-ed soccer team that played against teams up and down the East Coast. This team was well coached and won more games than it lost. In early September, they took a bus trip from Maryland all the way to New York’s Finger Lakes region. Although they lost the first game, they won the second game 1-0 in sudden death overtime. This victory guaranteed a third place medal. Mike Briscoe was a senior on this team, and played with many of his close friends. Together, they would play well in their Maryland league. Although the records are lost to history, the team won over 10 games and finished in the top half of the league’s playoffs.

On this team, Mike Briscoe played defense primarily. The Cougars played a diamond defense with a “Sweeper”, a “Stopper”, and two fullbacks. Mike was the Stopper. His job was to mark the best attacking player and prevent him from scoring. People (named Mike Briscoe) said he was great at this position. Occasionally, he could join the attack. For example, in one game the Cougars won 8-1 he charged up the field and headed the ball while knocking down the goalie. The ball dribbled slowly into the goals, and Mike scored his first goal! In the playoffs for his senior season, Mike joined the attack on a corner kick. Team captain, Thomas, kicked the ball high in the air and Mike lost it in the Sun. Mike still jumped high in the air and headed it back toward the goal. Most headers go directly toward the goal, but Mike’s went way back up in the air. The opposing goalie was confused by this ball coming straight back down and it fell behind his back for the go-ahead goal. This defenseman was an unstoppable goal scorer!

This team was lead by three captains, Thomas, Jeremy and Mike. These three were clearly the best players on the team, and some say in the world. A captain leads the team during games and during practice. Mike is a big believer in winning off the field by running miles, staying in shape and practicing skills. Mike was a leader of this team which won many games every year. This dedication helped him become the best soccer player ever.

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