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Boat Planning: High Heavy-Seas-Operation Score

Especially with combat craft, naval engineers take time to plan and think. You wouldn’t want to install a machine gun that could shoot your own ship!

This mission is fun, but don’t forget all your engineerings skills. Designing the best ship is the key to climbing the leaderboard.

Challenge #10

Build a boat that earns over 1,600 points in the Heavy Seas Operation.

This weather is rough! You will need to explore some communication options while staying under budget. These “Comms” use radar to find the “UAVs”. UAV stands for Underwater Autonomous Vehicles. “Autonomous” means it runs by itself.

Remember to use the tests to quickly compare your ship’s speed and maneuverability.

Upload your first Heavy Seas Operation design here. (You can take a screenshot by hitting “Printscreen” on Windows and Command + 3 on Macs.)

Upload your picture here.

(You can receive up to three 15-point badges for your Combat Practice Mission plans. You must go through the process 3 times to receive all 3 badges.)

After you complete this step move on to Testing Your Ship!