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Boat Planning: High Search & Rescue Score

Engineers draw plans to help them think. You are going to have to think hard to find ways to build a FLEET ship that will be great at the Search & Rescue mission. (If you still need to download FLEET, you can email or simply download it at

Challenge #7

Build a boat that performs well in the Search & Rescue mission.

The new objectives and the budget make this mission tough! What parts of your design can you change to make your ship go fast? What parts of your ship will not affect the speed of the ship? Do you a heavier ship will go faster or slower? How can you find out?

Are you using the money wisely to balance getting to the shipwreck and saving people at the shipwreck?

Upload your first Search & Rescue design here. (You can take a screenshot by hitting “Printscreen” on Windows and Command + 3 on Macs.)

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(You can receive up to three 15-point badges for your Search & Rescue Mission plans. You must go through the process 3 times to receive all 3 badges.)

After you complete this step move on to Testing Your Ship!