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Brainpowers: The center of edMe

edMe relies on a lot of brain power each day to write, develop, create and manage fun learning adventures. We decided to make brainpowers the unit of measurement for our gamification. Students earn brainpowers as they complete everything from reading projects to math fluency checks to virtual engineering design processes. In fact, here are a list of brainpower achievements:

  1. 50 points for answering questions about “The Boy Who Lives” in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone(TM).
  2. 100 points for completing a graphic organizer that explains how Harry Potter and Dumbledore change over the course of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
  3. 150 points for using FLEET to create the fastest naval ship possible in the Speed Test Challenge.
  4. 200 points for making and explaining a working lung model.
  5. 300 points solve 3 free Mathematical Word Problems while documenting strategies.

Gamification increases student engagement. We are gamifying everything from fluency to collecting scientific data. We choose to use 1 unit of measurement because all these activities make students more prepared for college and careers. We know that student mastery of all these skills will best prepare them so our formative feedback will help guide them into learning pathways that play to their strengths.

We are very excited about sharing our brainpowers with your family!