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Aslan is Near

What is this chapter mainly about?

What does the White Witch do when Edmund asks her for Turkish Delight?

The bread is so "stale" that Edmund has trouble eating it.

What does "stale" mean in this context?

What does the White Witch tell the wolf named Maugrim before she leaves on her sledge?

How does Edmund feel when he is riding in the sledge with the White Witch?

Why does the queen stop her sledge after several hours?

How does the Witch respond when the animals tell her that Father Christmas was there?

The Witch gives Edmund a "stunning" blow when she gets back on the sledge.

What does the word "stunning" mean in this context?

Why must the Witch, Edmund, and the dwarf leave the sledge and continue their journey on foot?

Spring arrived in Narnia and the trees began to sprout their delicate "transparent" leaves.

What does the word "transparent" mean?

What do you think will happen next?