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Chapter 8

What is the main idea of this chapter?

How did the King and Queen of Harfang react when Scrubb told them that they had come for the Autumn Feast?

What did Jill begin to do in the throne room?

How large was Jill's room at Harfang?

Jill thought the Nurse was "annoying" because she kept coming in and out of her room.

What does the word "annoying" mean?

The toys that the Nurse gave to Jill were "crude" and painted in bright colors.

What does the word "crude" mean in this context?

Who appeared in Jill's dream?

Jill, Scrubb, and Puddleglum could see "fragments" of stone in the ruins of the gigantic city as they looked out the window.

What does the word "fragments" mean?

Why does Scrubb think it is better to sneak out of the castle in the afternoon?

Where were the giant King and Queen going for the day?

What do you think will happen next?