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The Rashness of the King

What is this chapter mostly about?

Where did the King like to stay for a few days each spring?

What was Jewel's relationship with King Tirian?

The unicorn was "polishing" his horn against his flank.

What does the word "polishing" mean?

Jewel speaks about the wonderful "tidings" they have received.

What does the word "tidings" mean in this context?

Why does the Centaur think that the rumors about Aslan are false?

Who told the King that the holy trees were being chopped down in the forest?

Where are the talking trees being murdered?

The King and Jewel saw the tree trunks "lashed" together to make a raft.

What does the word "lashed" mean in this context?

Who did the King and Jewel find cutting down the holy trees?

Was there anything that did not make sense in this chapter?