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Question #4

The reader learned in earlier chapters that Charlotte believes people are not as smart as animals.

Which two sentences from this chapter further develops that idea?

"Why do you have to repeat everything?"

"The Zuckermans have fallen for it, and so has everybody else."

"People are already getting sick of reading the word 'Some Pig!'"

"If anybody can think of another message, or remark, I'll be glad to weave it into the web."

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Chapter 13 – Good Progress

What is this chapter mainly about?

Why does Charlotte decide to use dry thread rather than sticky thread to write the second word on the web?

Why does Charlotte decide to use double lines to write the new word?

The second word Charlotte weaves into the web is "TERRIFIC."

Which word in this chapter means the same thing as "TERRIFIC"?

What two extra chores does Lurvy get assigned in this chapter?

The author describes Templeton as "rummaging" while he is at the dump.

What does the word "rummaging" mean in this chapter?

What word does Templeton first suggest to Charlotte in this chapter?

What reason does Charlotte give for not using Templeton's first suggestion?

What word does Templeton suggest second in this chapter?

What is the third word Charlotte decides to write on the web?

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Question #2

What two reasons does Fern's mother give for defending the father's decision to do away with the baby pig?

The mother pig does not seem to want to take care of it.

It does not get along well with the other pigs.

It is smaller than the other pigs.

It will probably not survive anyway.

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Question #1

Choose all the statements below that describe Wilbur's new home.

It was too crowded with other animals to be comfortable.

It was just the right temperature throughout the year.

It held more food than the animals could ever eat.

The smells in the barn made it seem safe.

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Chapter 10 – An Explosion

What is this chapter mainly about?

How does Charlotte feel about people in general?

What happens to cause Templeton's old egg to explode?

Although Templeton is sad his egg is gone, what point does he try to prove from this incident?

What does Wilbur give Templeton for helping to save Charlotte's life?

What is most likely the author's purpose for ending the chapter with Charlotte tearing out the middle of her web and then working through the night to weave something in the space?