edMe RC: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince(TM)

Welcome!! Here are our chapter-by-chapter materials to help you enjoy reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince(TM). If you want to read the questions before looking at the materials, we don’t mind!


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The Other Minister  
Project! Starting Character Organizer
Project! Vocabulary Word Wall
Spinner’s End  
Will and Won’t  
Horace Slughorn  
An Excess of Phlegm  
Draco’s Detour  
The Slug Club  
Snape Victorious  
The House of Gaunt  
The Slug Club  
The Half-Blood Prince  
Silver and Opals  
Project! Is Snape a Coward?
The Secret Riddle  
Felix Felicis  
Project! Your Own Felix Felicis Potion
The Unbreakable Vow  
A Very Frosty Christmas  
A Sluggish Memory  
Birthday Surprises  
Elf Tails  
Lord Voldemort’s Request  
The Unknowable Room  
After the Burial  
Project! The Definitive Horcrux Explanation
The Seer Overheard  
The Cave  
The Lightning-Struck Tower  
Flight of the Prince  
The Phoenix Lament  
The White Tomb  
Project! Creating or Sketching a Scene
Project! Do You Agree with Harry Potter’s Final Reactions?
Project! Theme & Cover Art

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