edMe RC: The Tale of Despereaux(TM)

This app helps students enjoy The Tale of Despereaux(TM) using proven reading instruction. The app asks students questions that reinforce the main idea of each chapter as well as important details for understanding this important novel.

The primary goal is to help improve reading skills while engaging in one of the most exciting book series around. This lightweight companion helps students look for evidence and draw conclusions based on evidence – a skill critical across the educational spectrum.

We hope you enjoy buying, renting, or borrowing The Tale of Despereaux(TM), and keep your phone or tablet handy to get smarter while building their love of reading.


Learn and love reading!

The Last One
Such a Disappointment
Once Upon a Time
Enter the Pea
What Furlough Saw
This Drum
A Mouse in Love
To the Rats
The right question
Good Reasons
The threadmaster cometh
Perfidy Unlimited
Blinded by the light
Small comforts
Light, light everywhere
A view from a chandelier
The queen's last words
He puts his heart together again
A handful of cigarettes, a red tablecloth, and a hen
A vicious circle
A wish
To the castle
Start with a cursy and finish with the thread
To the dungeon
A song in the dark
Beware the rats
A rat who knows her name
Kill 'em, even if they's already dead
A knight in shining armor
What Mig carried
A small taste
To the dungeon
The tears of a king
The rest of the thread
What cook was stirring
Whose ears are those?
Some soup
Mouse blood, yes
No choice
On the tail of a rat
What do you want, Miggery Sow?
In which the princess says his name
What is that smell?
Happily ever after