edMe Reading: White Fang

This web app has the text and supporting materials for White Fang. We use proven reading instruction to help students become more confidant readers. The app asks students questions that reinforce the main idea of each chapter as well as important details
for understanding this fun read.

The primary goal is to help improve reading skills while engaging in one of the most exciting book series around. This lightweight companion helps students look for evidence and draw conclusions based on evidence – a skill critical across the educational

We hope you enjoy White Fang, and keep your phone or tablet handy to get smarter while building their love of reading.

We hope you learn a lot and build your love reading!

Part I- Chapter 1: The Trail of the Meat
Part I- Chapter 2: The She-Wolf
Part I- Chapter 3: The Hunger Cry Project! Survival Chart
Part II- Chapter 1: The Battle of the Fangs Project! Vocabulary Word Wall
II- Chapter 2: The Lair

Part II- Chapter 3: The Grey Cub
Part II- Chapter 4: The Wall of the World
Part II- Chapter 5: The Law of Meat
Part III- Chapter 1: The Makers of Fire Project! Define “Civilization”
Part III- Chapter 2: The Bondage Project! Define “Wild”
III- Chapter 3: The Outcast

Part III- Chapter 4: The Trail of
the Gods

Part III- Chapter 5: The Covenant
Part III- Chapter 6: The Famine
Part IV- Chapter 1: The Enemy of His Kind
Part IV- Chapter 2: The Mad God
Part IV- Chapter 3: The Reign of Hate
Part IV-
Chapter 4: The Clinging Death

Part IV- Chapter 5: The Indomitable

Part IV- Chapter 6: The Love-Master
Part V- Chapter 1: The Long Trail
Part V- Chapter 2: The Southland
Part V- Chapter 3: The God’s Domain
Part V- Chapter 4: The Call of Kind
Project! Narrative Writing – New Dialogue Part V- Chapter
5: The Sleeping Wolf
Project! Setting Project Project! Theme & Cover Art