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Diorama (or sketch) Rubric for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

You are trying to show an important scene in this book! You will need to show the details that are important to the story, and the details that you really liked. Think about the characters, where they are, and all the things around them as you show off your knowledge of this book.

Attempt is missing or barely started.Diorama shows 1 character or object in the scene but does not show enough important details about the scene.The diorama shows some important characters and/or objects in the scene but there are some inaccuracies or important details are still left out.The diorama shows the important characters and objects in the scene and it is clear what is happening.

Note: If you draw a poster, or paint a picture, or create a diorama, the same criteria apply to each display of this event.

Review your work and give yourself a score. Explain why you gave your work this score.

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